Riding a plane is the most common means of traveling abroad. However, the travel itself becomes boring because of the surrounding and the facilities inside the plane. The only things you can do are sightseeing or stay in the seat and watch a movie.

People wanted to have something unique and exciting where they can enjoy not only the destination but also the whole travel alone. Adventurous people wished for more than sightseeing. Sitting in a plane can be quite plane and boring specially for long trips. This demand for unique travel, urged the birth of cruise ships and lines.


In technical terms, a cruise ship or cruise liner is a passenger ship used for pleasure voyages, where the voyage itself and the ship’s amenities are a part of the experience, as well as the different destinations, i.e., ports of call, along the way.

Unlike traveling in a plane, a cruise ship offers different amenities, which travelers can enjoy. The amenities of course depend on the cruise line you are going to choose. The price depends on your destination as well. One of the most famous that people talk about is the Royal Carribean Cruise Ship. The con about this kind of travel is the cost. Well, in order to enjoy this kind of leisure, you need to shell out thousands of dollars for a trip. The more you demand for amenities and destination the bigger that you need to pay. This is also the reason why not everyone tries this kind of experience. However, as for those who already experienced cruising, they say every penny is worth it.


You do not have to worry on what is going on outside the ship since you will receive newsletter in the cabin each day. You will also find schedule of the next day’s activities and entertainment offerings. More than this, you can enjoy many activities while inside the cruise. If you want to get more active, you can participate in pool games or even compete in basketball and volleyball tournaments with other passengers. You can also practice your dancing talent and participate in dance classes. However, if you do not feel going out, you can still enjoy indoor activities like history lecture, card games and bingo. You can also learn napkin folding or flower arranging and even participate in bidding of art items. You can also enjoy watching cooking demonstration or sipping wine at wine tasting.

Cruise lines also offer entertainment during the day, which includes musical performances or indoor cinema. Well of course, it all depends on your choice. You can actually skip all these activities and make your own. You can go to the different boutiques or play in the casino. There are also libraries inside the cruise ship for book lovers.


If you want to lose some weight or just want to sweat out, you can go to the gym to exercise those muscles. Cruise ships also provide their own gym instructors so you do not have to worry.

You can also pamper yourself during the trip by visiting the spa centers where you can enjoy facials and massage. Not only this, you can also have your haircut and style or even have your nails done. Your kids will surely enjoy your trip as there are kid’s areas wherein they can spend time. Discos, kiddie pool, water slides and arcades are just some to mention.

Do not worry when the sun sets because the cruise ship is livelier during evening. Casinos are also open during night so you can still play slot machines or try your luck at poker or blackjack.  Lounges feature live bands and cabaret singers for your dancing or listening pleasure while piano bars complete with sing-alongs, are popular hotspots on many ships. Most especially late at night, the disco will be hopping.

Go out of the usual sitting and watching movie inside the plane and enjoy your trip while cruising.


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