Don’t Do It-Common Travel Mistake



To travel abroad, well I guess it is included in anyone’s bucket list. In fact, when you ask a kid about his dream, it is more likely that he will answer; I want to go to America. However, traveling can be a bit of pain in the nerve. Starting from all the documents you need to complete up to the packing and then the whole travel itself.


Since this is your first time, you are more prone to travelling mishaps. Flying can be quite stressful, but there is nothing to worry about. You just need to feed your mind with enough information and everything else will follow. I am sure you do not want to ruin your dream vacation, so whether you are heading to Japan or London, it is important that you know the common mistakes most travelers do.

                                                  Over conscious packing


Do not bring everything inside your closet. Stop thinking that you need to carry everything you see inside your room. The trick is just simple; bring only what you need. Always save space for much important things. Let go of the high-heeled shoes and guidebooks. It is also important to know the items prohibited in the place you are going to visit to avoid hassles. The less you pack, the better but of course, be sure that you have your necessities with you. It includes your undergarments, toiletries and electronic gadgets. For sure, you will go shopping so it is better to save space for the items you are about to shop.


                                                      Being late 




You must always practice the saying “time is gold” when travelling abroad. International flights require that you come earlier in the airport. It is better that you come two hours earlier than your schedule in case there are delays in the processing. You might miss your flight if you arrived late at the airport. They follow a protocol when it comes to flight and they will not accept whatever reason you have. I am sure you do not want to end up going home so better come early.

                                                        Not notifiying the bank

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It is important that you let your bank know about your travel. If you are going to use your credit card abroad, the bank might charge extra fee. Let them know the place you are going to visit. If not, they might block you from using your credit card or ATM. If the bank checks that there are international transactions from your ATM, they will surely do precautionary measures. Notify them about your travel to avoid hassle.

                                          Not enough details about the country



It is a must to know something about the place you are going to visit. It includes weather, language and food. Not having enough information about the place you are going to visit can ruin your trip. It is important that you know at least a little about their language specially the greetings. Weather is also necessary to know, to help you decide what clothes you are going to bring. As much as possible, search as many information you can get.

                                             Following what is in the itinerary


You cannot always follow what is in your itinerary. Some places abroad have specific time of opening and closing. If you insist to follow the places on your note, you might end up waiting for nothing. Do not be afraid to explore other places. For sure, the country you will visit has a lot more to offer.

Make your travel the best and the most memorable one. The ways are just simple. Do not commit the mistakes mentioned above and I am sure everything will go smooth.


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