Experiencing Memorable Vacations While in the Philippines



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For someone who has a plan for a memorable vacation in the Philippines, it is important to determine a few of the best places to visit here. Honestly, there are countless of reasons on why tourists nowadays are choosing a vacation in this beautiful Asian country. The Philippines has enormous pristine or untamed paradise beaches that feature remarkable natural white sand resorts.




From this piece of writing, I want to share my personal choices to help other people decide.


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When I got the chance to visit the famous Boracay Island, one of the most popular destinations here is the Boracay Regency Hotel & Resort. This particular island now is one of the most developed places in the province of Aklan and the number one choice of millions of beach goers worldwide. Going back to the resort and from the available facilities and amenities, this famous hotel and resort is one of the most visited places in the island.




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One of the most interesting amenities of the Boracay Regency Hotel & Resort it is has available swimming pools for both children and adults who are staying here. Besides their hospitable staff, the overall view of the resort is impressive and they serve local as well as international cuisines to satisfy their valued guests. I actually became curious about this resort because of its remarkable Mediterranean architecture. This is probably one reason why I found this property so inspiring to visit and explore. Of course, the entire hotel compliments perfectly to the beautiful crystal blue water of the white sandy beach.



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For many beach lovers out there, I also want to recommend visiting the beautiful province of Cebu. When talking about the best hotel and resort, I can say that the Waterfront Hotel in Cebu. This beautiful 5-star hotel and resort offers almost everything to experience in a unique inland. The hotel has great online visibility for those who want to book using the Internet. To make sure the booking or reservation is favorable, it is very important to read the information about the hotel and understand the guidelines before finalizing the transaction for a perfect vacation here.






As one of the best hotels in town, it is easier for the tourists to visit other remarkable destinations and that includes the white sand beaches within Cebu. For those who love to dine and shop while on a vacation, this is also a perfect choice because the location is within the district or heart of the city. When visiting this beautiful province in the Visayan region, there are also stunning waterfalls and provides a great access to explore the beautiful province of Bohol, particularly the famous Chocolate Hills. This nearby province offers remarkable tourist attractions, which include an encounter with the Tarsiers (smallest primates in the world).



There are actually many remarkable beach resorts in the Philippine, but I luckily had an opportunity to stay in these two mentioned resorts. This is the reason why I decided to share few important details about them. From my personal experiences, I never encountered problem staying in these two beautiful resorts and the offered cuisines are delectable to taste. However, it is important to learn that any kind of grand vacation may require a person to prepare enough money for total satisfaction.




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