Important Factors when Choosing the Best Hotel from a New Place




As a foreigner to a new place to visit, I surely do not recognize anybody upon reaching my destination. Because of this, I really need to find the best lodge or accommodation, regardless if I choose to stay in a hotel or not. Definitely, I should consider the best hotel to pamper myself while on a vacation or business trip.




There are actually important factors when looking for the best hotel to stay. To learn more about these factors, I listed them below not just to benefit me, but to benefit other people as well:


Actual Location


I have several friecebu_buildings_nighttime04nds who love to travel places and one of the most interesting factors they consider is the actual location of the hotel or accommodation to stay. Just like when me and my family visited Cebu, one of the friends Marcel told me that he choose the in Cebu City because it is accessible to different establishments, port area and to various tourist spots within the place. The hotel is actually nice but it is not that what I am expecting, yet the location is great. During nighttime, it is easier to visit the different restaurants, casino and bars around the area without riding a taxi because they are walking distance. Another good thing about the hotel is that the location is near the famous and historical Magellan Shrine in the Philippines.


Exact Convenience




I always believe that right after reaching the airport, it is very important for the hotel to have the best transport service with the exact convenience. Because majority of the travelers came from faraway places, they need comfortable transportation mes to reach the hotel without feeling weary. Of course, the tour guide and driver must be very cautious in dealing with the guests to make sure they never complain and enjoy a wonderful stay. In most cases, the available vacation travel packages include the transport service to their guests and they assure a convenient travel along the way.




Proper Security Measures




I know that this is a very important factor when visiting a new place and staying in a decent hotel. Having proper security measures will safeguard the guests properly and make them feel comfortable during their stay. Of course, there are tourist destinations with current threats from terrorism and so it is advisable to avoid these destinations. For me, a good hotel will have 24/7 security personnel within the vicinity and provides the exact safety for the protection of the guests and visitors. As a standard procedure also, they need to inspect the luggage cautiously to prevent untoward incidents if someone is carrying a gun or any kind of explosive item.







Nowadays, majority of the hotels have CCTV cameras, warning alarms, fire detectors and motion sensors for security reasons. They want to assure that besides offering the exact convenience, they will also secure the entire area properly. Of course, the emergency contact number is important, proper lighting of the hotel and exact fire exits in case of emergencies. With this kind of security, people who are staying in the hotel will always feel safe.




Best Services and Foods


services and food


Perhaps this is one of my favorite topics when talking about staying in a decent hotel in a new place. I always check the offered services and foods, which I believe the responsibility of every traveler out there. Having the best services and foods to eat is definitely important to make the stay a memorable one. The foods ought to be available in various local and international dishes to accommodate the desire of the guests. Likewise, the services and amenities must be complete to serve everyone for total satisfaction.





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