Tagged as the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan has a lot to offer when it comes to amazing and spectacular places to visit. In fact, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Its rich culture, unique foods and long list of places to visit made it one of the favorite among tourists. However, there is a misconception that Japan is an expensive place to travel. Well, the country is known for its high quality goods and service. No wonder people will think that visiting the place can cause them an arm and a leg. Like any other travel abroad, visiting Japan can also be quite expensive (but not as high as the price many people think of). Of course, you need to travel via plane plus the hotel and the expenses when you are already in the place. Still, in reality, with proper planning and a little-know how you can enjoy a budget trip in Japan.


Planning is very important in any travel may it be local or international. If you are on a budget and still dream of experiencing the land of the rising sun, here are the guidelines you can follow to enjoy the place that fits to your savings.

Say no to peak season travel. During off peak seasons, the people and cost are fewer. The best time is during mid-September to March. The airline ticket is cheaper during this time. In fact, you can grab many promos since only few people travel during these months. On the month of April, tourism will be at its peak as it is when cherry blossoms pop up. It also means that ticket, goods and services are more expensive. While July and August are hard for tourists due to holidays and summer breaks. Booking for hotel and train can be quite hard during this season.


Always look for affordable accommodation. Since you are going to travel on an off peak season, it is more likely that you will find cheap hotels where you can stay. Capsule hotels or Internet cafes are good options to save your wallet from big expense. As much as possible, stay in hotels, that offers big discount. Just make sure that the place is safe and comfortable to stay in.

Do not take a taxi. Well as many experienced travelers say, taxis in Japan have a reputation of being the most expensive cabs in the world. In fact, when you are going to travel from Narita airport to central Tokyo, your fare can reach as much as 30, 000 yen. Taxis are only good if you are going to travel in a group. You can ride a train for long distance travels as an alternative to taxi.


Japan is full of beautiful architectures and landscapes, which you can enjoy free. You can take pleasure in sight-seeing without having to pay a single yen. Do not also hesitate to try free taste while you are in Japan. There is an entire floor in a department store dedicated only for foods. Many stalls offer free samples and this is a great opportunity to enjoy their foods without spending too much. You can scourge the entire row of food until you get full. If you are still not satisfies, you can go to another store until you fill up your stomach. You can also wait for the closing hour of the supermarket because foods will be cheaper by that time.


If you are looking for pasalubong, you can by around many cheap items, which you can give to your loved ones. Most importantly, walk. This is a great way to save while enjoying the beautiful sceneries of the place.

With proper planning, there is nothing expensive. Follow these simple guidelines and enjoy your budget trip to the Land of the Rising Sun.



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