Traveling : To Rediscover Oneself


Each and every one of us has one certain reason or two why we travel and in one way or another we all have almost the same reason it’s because we , as human being, have this unending quest for belongingness and acceptance. We travel hoping we’ll find a place where we fit in and a place where we’ll find solitude that we never find in any place that we’ve been to. As for me because I’m working in a foreign land far from my family I’ve tried to search for a place where I find solace and contentment in spite of being alone for the reason that I need to survive and get through this endeavors that life throws for the sake of my family.




So whenever I have the chance to wander or explore somewhere I grab it and enjoy every moment of it and forget all the stress that my work brought and loosen up even for awhile. Every travel opportunities I have had take me to a place in my being that I’ve never been to. A place that no one dares to travel or explore a different side of me.





There are times that upon reaching your supposed destination you never know what to expect and what you’re going to find out. What you’re only certain of is to be there and enjoy without thinking of how much you’re going to spend on that holiday. But as days go by you will rediscover something about you that’s been hidden for a long time. Something you never thought you have in you. In traveling we became a better person because of the people we met along the way.




People that will awaken our love for humanity because some may not be as lucky as we are and some may be deprived of life’s simple pleasure but were able to live life to the fullest and still managed to laugh in a purest of bliss. These people will make us realized that life should not be controlled or be guided by work and money. And that life must be enjoyed in its simplest form.




Traveling is beneficial to one’s life in terms of personal life,work and to those people around you. Because in traveling you regain your energy and abilities to work that all the negativities related to your job that you’ve been keeping was left behind or was all drained up. You become optimistic of what the future holds as a result people surrounding you will notice a changed on your personality. A changed that sometimes people expect you to be. And when you travel with the company of friends and families it will strengthen the bonds you have for each other by discovering one’s weaknesses thus making you feel accepted by the people who means a lot to you.




In the end it’s not really wanting to visit a certain place but it’s rediscovering what’s within us, who we are and what we wanted to become. The more you travel the more you know about yourself and how unique each one of us. So if you have time go out and explore how diverse our world is. And awaken that feeling that was buried for a long time.

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